The Science Of Leadership


This program is designed for people managers of all fields where a sense of purpose, attitude of total ownership, culture of giving, a measure of performance and a sense of assessment is required, to make the change towards knowing the actual science instead of practicing old age opinions based on trial and error.
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  • If you are curious to know the science behind human behavior, You should attend this program!.
  • If you want to be able to understand, explain and teach human leadership to your subordinates, You should attend this program.
  • If you have gone through a situation where companies and people demand tangible assessments, appraisals, evaluations, You should attend this program.
  • If you are interested to know and work on your own leadership and management profile and quotients, You should attend this program.
  • If you manage and lead human beings towards goals and targets, you should attend this program.
  • For all situations, tasks, routines where human behavior becomes a top priority, and its not quantified in the regular KPI matrix, its time to change things!


This workshop opens a level one detail of the liquid engineering to make sure the participants get a very deep level study of the “Science of Things ” and instead of creating and managing routines, they would install scientific indicators  and treat the actual cause of any and every defect  that comes at an individual and team level. The study of group dynamics, impact the science behind reaction of a group towards any movement and actions.


This program will start with a project of a group level dashboard which will be handed over to the participants. The program then progresses in reverse and dismantles the core concepts bit by bit to help the participants completely understand the science and application of the  skill. Once they have kept the end in mind, they are psychologically ready to install it in live environments.
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The one day course will cover 4 levels of leadership where the participants will grasp the differential and relate their real time work scenarios and personal lives. Individual and group projects could be given based on the profiling that is done before and during the program.


  • People development as a science
  • The scientific study of leadership indicators
  • Enhancing a human potential by design
  • Installing ownership and team spirit externally
  • Chemical Engineering your team towards goals
  • Major leadership disorders and syndromes in the mainstream.
  • Treatment and prevention of leadership level disorders
  • Major human performance issues
  • Profiling and assessment of human beings


  • Use of statistics to evaluate human potential
  • The Science of performance enhancement
  • Detecting performance gaps
  • Predicting performance gaps
  • Setting a platform for recurrence of great practices
  • Setting SMART capacity tools
  • Liquid KPIS.
  • The weakest link and curing strategies.


  • 1+1 human ≠ 2 humans
  • Emotional and rational diagrams of group environments
  • Make and use of a leadership  intensive culture
  • Measuring the core of leadership
  • Check list of personal leadership
  • Check list of leadership culture
  • Systems and process of a leadership culture
  • Chemical makeup of the leadership culture
  • Bad cultures and their indicators

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Sahil Adeem is perhaps the only training professional who has successfully managed to replace ‘Experienced Opinion’ with ‘Pure Science’. The expert in the field of introspection and psychology and public speaking, has designed this program under the supervision of the R&D team of Source Code where physiology meets statistics. A Guru of training for the last 15 years with an extensive experience in three continents, this program falls right in the heart of his expertise of leadership on which he was awarded the Epilogue Speaker Of The Year 2007 award in Canada. His mission to bring about true and tested Science in every field of expertise where human stake is involved.


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    24th May/2017

    Venue: PC Hotel, Karachi.


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    21st, May/2017

    Venue: PC Hotel, Lahore


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    17th, May/2017

    Venue: Serena Hotel, Islamabad



Regular Fee: PKR. 25,000/-

per participant

Group Discounts 15% on 5 or more nominations from the same Organization

Fee includes course material, certificate, lunch, refreshments and networking.

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