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Source Code

Source Code is a company, which endeavors to explore the reasons behind human achievement. The Cause behind great practices in the fields of human excellence. The science behind true success so that it can not only enhance the experience of personal and professional life, but evolve it towards realms of invention and innovation. All this with the simplicity of technique to ensure succession.


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What do we mean by
Raise the Standards of Thinking?

A thought determines the very action and behavioral matrix of all human beings. The most powerful entity regulating the past present and the future of human beings its a pity that not much work has been done on building models for studying and learning how to think. The thought itself harbors itself in a certain mold inside the human mind. The standards of thought are the way these molds are set by parents, teachers, the surroundings and the person himself. Its the way we perceive the world that generates an array of thought which leads towards action. Source Code aims to install itself in that stage where we make or set the molds of kids, students, parents, and students. So that the intent, and action follows a highest standard of thought.