Methodology of Training

This is a psychologically tuned course methodology where the learning will take place through four different levels;

  • Classroom Training
  • Hands on practice
  • Group learning
  • Exposure to live environments

Classroom training will be done online through Zoom or different platforms where number of students shall be made to a minimum possible for Arabic (4-5) and 80-90 for CT and EI type of courses.

Project teams shall comprise of 5-7 people based on the nature of the skill they are learning.

Hands on practice is part of the learning psychology. We emphasize on this to ensure a deeper learning of the content and the skill.

Group learning is introduced to gain bigger and better perspective and introduce reflective learning triggers in the participants. Through group learning methodology the participant takes a giant leap in teaching or training the content or skill to others as well.

A part of every skill development program wherever it can be applied is the exposure to live environments. This is to check the application of the skill and to ensure that the skill actually has inculcated in the participant.

All these techniques are introduced in different modes to keep the learning in check.


A separate team of quality control is introduced to take run time feedback of the student, teacher and the sponsor (parent or other relevant stakeholders in the program wherever applicable).

This team will be engaging with the teachers and the students as a process to ensure that the purpose is met with the vision that this platform started with.

The rating system of every teacher will be published to everyone. The student rating program shall also play a big role in understanding where the learning can be enhanced and improved.

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