Source Code Faculty


At Source Code we have three verticals

• Personnel Profiling
• Content Development
• Training/Coaching & Counseling

There are 7 senior/junior partners and 9 consulting psychologists that are sleeping partners with Source Code.
Out of the permanent members of the Board, 3 are medical professionals and 4 are psychologists.

The management team that controls the three verticals are:


Sofia Adeem (Educational Psychologist)

ICE Publishers Character Building

(Board Member at Source Code)
(Chief Executive ICE (Integrated Character Education))
(Kobenhaven Denmark)


Dr. Yasir Masood (Behavioral Psychologist)
(Founding Director at Source Code)
(Chief Executive Mymacom)
(Founding director and consultant psychologist at House of Wellness)


Dr. Nauman Tariq (Neurologist)
(Board Member and Senior Partner at Source Code)
Director (The Science of Things) at Source Code)
(Director Neurology Johns Hopkins University MD USA)


Dr. Wamiq Haider (Psychiatrist)
(Director (The Science of Things) at Source Code)
(Board Member and Senior Partner at Source Code)
(MD North York Medical Toronto)


Dr. Furqan Ahmed Khan
(Senior Partner at Source Code)
Director (The Science of Things) at Source Code
(MD Eye Care Global Pakistan)
(Member of the board at Clockwise Management Consulting)


Dr. Inam ul Haq (Endocrinologist)
(Director (The Science of Things) at Source Code)
(Board member at Source Code)


The Creative team


Shahmir Sultan
Program Director (Source Code)


Shafaq Malik
Program Director (Education)


Jawwad Jamil
Director Logistics and Installation


Ahmed Khan
Lead Logistics and Program Installation


Mrs Fasiha Khan
Director Research


Mrs Tooba Talib
Creative Director (Content)


Sahil Adeem (Behavioral Psychologist – Ryerson Canada)
(Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer at Source Code)
(Chief Strategy Consultant at Allomate Inc.)
(Co-Founder at ICE Integrated Character Education)
(Co-Founder and Member of the board at Clockwise Management Consulting)



Our Facilitation Team

Our facilitators are doctors, professional therapists, trainers and public speakers. However on our dedicated Source Code Facilitation panel, there are 37 Facilitators which are nationwide in Pakistan and 04 in other countries, who perform client level interaction. This is called an interface team at Source Code.

Facilitators are scattered in all three verticals. (Link: )

The trainer count on panel is an accumulative number given above since a facilitator has always a training professional. However we have a Platform (School of Trainers) which we campaign under the title of SOT which has 600 listed training professionals who share training stake. All of these have

Our Research Team

A team of 12 people is stationed at Lahore, Pakistan for our Research Purposes only. Mrs Fasiha Khan is the Research Director at Source Code. (Link : ) These researchers are dedicated towards yielding outcomes from our social experiments, training profile pre-testing and post testing, therapy results validation and course content extraction. This research his done under the supervision and authority of Dr. Inam ul Haq who validates and corrects any scientific anomalies before the content is set for final deliberation with the client.


The Enabler Team

Source Code through its performance therapy (link: enables final outcomes of all therapy programs. This is a team of psychology interns in different educational institutes where under strict supervision of our panel, they perform subconscious profile displacement. We are Source Code call it the G3 model. Through this model a scenario based therapy is done for any operational routine to help the learning transcend into the subconscious competence to increase efficiency and reduce any errors. This is a team of 15 professionals who either do a PAPI (person assisted personal interview) or CATI (computer assisted telephonic interview) with the trainee to ‘enable’ the final outputs.

Our Logistic Team

Source Code handles its own logistics for performance therapy only. For any other program or seminar Source Code does not take any responsibility of logistics and accommodation of the participants, or facilitation squad. For Performance Therapy Source Code logistic team headed by Mr. Jawwad Jamil inspects and installs any equipment and fixtures needed to create a simulated environment for the Science to kick in and efficiency to come out. The Logistic team comes under the creative works department headed by Mr Ahmed and Mrs. Tooba Talib chauhdry.

Source Code Volunteers

Source Code has over 1600 volunteers across the three continents in Canada, Denmark and Pakistan. These volunteers are our ambassadors of Raising the standards of thinking. The volunteers come from our media campaigns to develop Home/Office/School categories. The volunteers help educate, train and develop people’s personal and professional lives free of cost spreading the message of science made by our team for different walks of life.


Save a life by changing the thought

Source Code is not a company, it’s a mission. Once you have made up your mind to chase a higher purpose, join our force and live your life to the fullest.