Off the rack training programs is like assuming every company has the same vision, same set of people and same problems. Source Code was incorporated to challenge this very status quo of the training industry. A scientific study to analyze a situation a company faces is the first right of the client. Pushing same philosophy, same sets of rules and principles, same techniques can have a highly destructive output in certain situations.


For this very reason, a careful study of the need is the first objective of source code. Just because the TNA looks the same in the OD calendar doesn’t make its essence or implication similar at all. Leadership requirements change drastically in the same demographic by changing a very small quotient or introducing small variables in teams, situations and dynamics in the way the company presents itself f to its people.

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The Learning SYNAPSE!

The classroom can only account for an interface on the conscious brain and that too at a less than 10% efficiency since it doesn’t cater to even the  basic variety of the learning modalities of the crowd. Its only through a discipline of continuous set of routines that the knowledge starts to seep into the unconscious brain (the Conscious mind) and starts to mobilize the efficiency of performance.

Source Code has to enable the conscious mind to become the enabler of performance through the scientific dissection of determining the mode of learning and the nodes of learning prior to the training program.


Sense and skill which is the core of the actual TNA is a function of the subconscious brain. These two realms are not recognized nor adhered to in the class rooms or merely speaking seminars. This is why class room training programs are never effective to produce any efficiency. The therapy can be done on sense building and skill enhancement of a participant. For knowledge and awareness standard workshop models are recommended which consist of the science and application of the concepts.
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We have divided our Training Technique into THREE CATEGORIES

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers for new knowledge and thought development for cognitive efficiency.


Workshops for skill development and setting subconscious routines of professionals, students and parents whoever is targeted.

The Performance Therapy

The Performance therapy; which is where Source Code deploys its enabler team of therapists, which help in our guarantee of efficiency of thought, sense and skill whichever is targeted.

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